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Winter Olympic Preview


Welcome to the 5th and Goal Sports Winter Olympic Preview! Find the rules, competition format, schedule, and history for all 109 Winter Olympic events! Or, check out the daily events schedule or see the number of athletes each of the 91 participating nations are bringing to the 2022 Olympics.

When are the Olympics?

The 2022 Winter Olympics take place from Beijing from February 2-20. The Opening Ceremonies take place on Friday, February 4 and the closing ceremonies take place on Sunday, February 20.

How do I watch the Olympics?

If you're looking to watch the Olympics on TV, NBC and their family of networks will once again be broadcasting the Olympics. Primetime viewing will be shown nightly on NBC at 8 PM ET (including the Opening Ceremonies on Friday, February 4) and will feature the highlights of the day's events (considering Beijing is 13 hours ahead of the eastern time zone). NBC will sometimes offer replays of past events late into the night. Now that NBC Sports no longer exists, USA Network will have nearly 24/7 coverage of the Olympics including some live events. CNBC will also televise a select number of re-aired events usually focused on the team events of curling and hockey.

For those looking to stream the Olympics, there are two options to gain access to every live (and on-demand) event through The first is to sign in using a TV provider, which will provide access to all content for free. The second is through a subscription to Peacock. Currently, the platform offers a $4.99 monthly plan as well as a $9.99 plan that features no commercials. While we're not thrilled about NBC putting the Olympics behind a paywall, $4.99 for every single Olympic event is not a horrible deal and Peacock also gives access to special coverage and commentary of certain events such as figure skating.

Where can I find a schedule of events?

Right on this page! To find the master schedule of events, click the "schedule" button. The events are all listed in Eastern Time. If you are interested in the schedule for one specific event, then click the "event" button and navigate to the sport you are looking for. 

When are the medal events?

300+ Olympic medals will be given out in the 2022 Winter Games. The medal events are listed in bold on both the master schedule and every single event page for your convenience.

"How does Curling work?"

Whether it's curling or another event that you may not completely understand, each of our event pages includes a brief description on how every sports works as well as the competition format. If the event page doesn't answer your question, shoot us a question on Twitter! (@5thGoalSports)

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